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December 2016

12-18-16 Don't Be White Knuckling

by Pastor Johnny Boggs

November 2015

%22Breaking The Spirit Of Anarchy%22 from 11-01-15

October 2015

%22Are You Trying To Tie The Hands Of God?%22 from 10/25/15

September 2015

%22Josephs Family Reunion%22 from 09-27-15 by Rev. Ryan Bennett

%22Heat and Soul%22 from 09-20-15 by Spencer Swain

%22Are You Making The Most Of This Opportunity?%22 from 09-13-15

%22Christians Need Conviction In This Age Of Compromise%22 from 09-06-15

August 2015

%22Are You Radical Or Comfortable?%22 from 08-30-15

%22How To Make The Most Of Your Life%22 from 08-16-15

%22God Wants To Rock Your Boat%22 from 08-09-15

July 2015

%22And The Walls Come Tumbling Down%22 from 07-19-15

%22How To Win A Losing Battle%22 from 07-05-15

April 2015

%22In The Shadow Of Our Steeple%22 from 04-26-15

%22Are You A Leader Or A Follower?%22 from 04-12-15

March 2015

%22Are You A Leader Or A Follower?%22 from 03-29-15

%22The Impossible You Can Reach%22 from 03/01/2015 by Pastor Richard Myers

February 2015

%22House Cleaning%22 & %22W.A.S.H.ED%22 from 02/22/2015 Eve Lent Service by Pastor Richard Myers

December 2014

%22How To Be Positive In A Negitive World%22 from 12-28-14

%22Christmas Eve Candle Light Service%22 from 12-24-14

September 2014

%22Are You Playing The Hypocrite%22 from 09-21-14

May 2014

%22Mothers, God's Love With Skin!%22 from 05-11-14

%22The Church Has Left The Building%22 from 05-04-14

March 2014

%22What Do You Want Me To Do%22 from 03-23-14

%22Don't Give Up%22 Victory Is Within Reach%22 from 03-16-14

February 2014

%22What Is That In Your Hand%22 from 02-16-14

%22The Church Has Work To Do%22 from 02-09-14

December 2013

%22Enlarging Your Vision For 2014%22 from 12-29-13

%22Are You Reddy For Christmas?%22 from 12-22-13

%22Don't Let The Grinch Steal Your Christmas.%22 from 12-15-15

November 2013

%22Developing An Attitude Of Gratitude%22 from 11-24-13

%22Discovering The Secret Of Contentment%22 from 11-17-13