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Young Adults gather every week to connect with one another, continue to grow in their faith, and have a good time!

The next generation is now. Our young adult ministry is designed to help our young people of today break free from the shackles of society, and encourage them to live their lives according to the truth.

With an emphasis on fellowship and service, our young adult ministry is a blend of opportunity in seeking and finding a Christ-centered life, guiding one another through the faith, prayer, and helping the community.


Each meeting is a hangout as if you’re at a coffee house.

There are no requirements, just bring a smile!

This is a great time to bring newcomers to a comfortable environment where they can get to know one another in the community.


Our church is full of seasoned and experienced individuals who can provide insight and knowledge to help guide our Young Adults in their careers, relationships, and most importantly, their faith.

Service and Leadership Opportunities

With a growing church and community, Young Adults are the backbone of the Kingdom of God. We encourage our young people to step up and serve with an open heart if they feel led to.

Feel free to let us know what areas you feel called to serve in, such as:

  • Missions
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Youth Ministry
  • Worship Ministry
  • Tech
  • Creative
  • Smile Team
  • And more!